Animal Services

Animal Services

Animal Aid of SW Michigan

Animal Aid of Southwestern Michigan is an all-volunteer animal welfare/rescue organization dedicated to preventing the suffering of injured, abused, neglected and homeless dogs and cats in Berrien County.


Our efforts support the elimination of animal cruelty and abuse, foster advocacy through humane education, and seek to improve the quality of life for companion animals. Promoting the spaying and neutering of dogs and cats, we aspire to control overpopulation to help ensure that fewer animals are born unwanted.


Friends of Berrien County Animal Control

Friends of Berrien County Animal Control (FBCAC) was founded in 2020 to support the work of Berrien County Animal Control by raising funds to enhance the health and wellbeing of animals in their care. With a goal of increasing the number of dogs and cats adopted from the shelter, donated funds will support several programs!


FuzzyButz Pet Bakery

Welcome to the original FuzzyButz Pet Bakery!

We're located in downtown Saint Joseph, Michigan overlooking Silver Beach. Being in the heart of Michigan's fruit belt, we load our treats with local ingredients. Our treats are not just flour and water! We bake fresh daily so you don't have to worry about something that's been sitting on a shelf for weeks.

Picky pooches are our specialty. NO BY PRODUCTS or PRESERVATIVES are found anywhere in our bakery, and there's no need for a degree in Chemistry to read our labels! One step into our bakery and you can smell the fresh-baked goodness! It smells so good, you might even want a taste for yourself! FuzzyButz Family members have been in the food prep and service industry for over 50 years.

Over the past 14 years, we have brought that knowledge to our pet friends. The Pack at FuzzyButz is also proud to bring its guests a full line of boutique items. FuzzyButz is a place where you can pamper the one you love and who loves you unconditionally.


Humane Society of SW Michigan - Home of the Yeager Family Pet Shelter

The Humane Society of Southwestern Michigan is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit that would not exist without your support. Our animals do not choose to be abandoned. The animals rely on us, we rely on YOU!  Check out our website or Facebook page for more information!


Paws of Hope

Paws of Hope was founded in April of 2012.  We are a volunteer‐only rescue group.  We have no paid  staff and our volunteers do not receive compensation.  We do not own or rent property.  All of our  foster pets live in private homes with our volunteers.  We are an IRS 501(c)(3) charity.  We rely on the  fund raising efforts of our hard‐working volunteers and on donations from the public.   

All Paws of Hope foster pets receive the best care we can provide.  In addition to being able to relax in  private foster homes, our foster pets are spayed and neutered, fully vaccinated, and treated for any  medical issues that might be revealed.  For instance, we have treated foster dogs for heartworm  disease and injuries, and treated foster cats for severe cases of Feline Herpes Virus, dental disease, and  injuries.  In order to keep costs low so we can provide care for more homeless pets, Paws of Hope  volunteers have learned how to give vaccinations (except for rabies vaccinations, which must be given  by a licensed veterinarian) and run tests for standard diseases which afflict cats and dogs.     

Our foster pets are blessed to live with loving, caring, and observant volunteers.  In addition to medical  care, we occasionally in‐take a foster dog with socialization or behavioral issues and will work with  local obedience trainers to address them.    Paws of Hope has always been focused on the spay‐neuter and vaccination of our foster pets and of  pets in low‐income homes.  We are committed to – and look forward to ‐ partnering in the community  to increase our efforts to spay‐neuter and vaccinate as many pets as possible.  

Some of our future  initiatives include providing spay‐neuter, vaccinations, food, and shelter to pets in low‐income homes  so these pets can stay with their loving owners.  Our goal is to work toward a future where every kitten  and puppy born in our community is wanted, and will be given quality, life‐long care.   


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