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The best pastries have simple ingredients. Start with the highest quality butter and flour, add the right portion of herbs and spices, nuts or fruits, chosen with care or harvested from the garden with kindness, then baked and packaged with love.

Elevate your day with the experience of my hand-crafted treats.

From savory to sweet, with an abundance of flavor combinations from simple to complex, delight in every bite!

I focus on simple bases made with two or three ingredients: shortbreads (flour, butter, sugar, salt), rugelach (flour, butter, cream cheese, salt), taralli (flour, olive oil, wine, yeast, salt) and babka (flour, butter, milk, yeast, salt).

Each of these provides a blank canvas to create unique sensory experiences: cumin-cracked peppercorn shortbreads, Meyer lemon-ginger pecan rugelach, parmesan-black pepper taralli, carmelized onion-toasted almond babka, are just a few examples of these bespoke bakes.

I welcome you to try my home-baked treats from my tiny farm in SW Michigan, Handsœwn, where I also create one-of-a-kind garments using traditional hand-sewing methods.

Local delivery or pick-up only due to Cottage Industry Laws in our state. Sorry, I cannot ship these to you (but I won't tell if your friend/family/random stranger-on-the-internet does!)

"Eat butter first, and eat butter last, and live til one hundred years be past" ~ Dutch proverb

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