Bike Buchanan

Event by River Saint Joe Brewery

Tue. May 14, 2024 | 6:30pm - 8:00pm


After 7 years, it has been decided that this will be the end of Bike Buchanan. Please join us May 14th for a farewell ride out of River Saint Joe Brewery. Thank you for so many amazing years!

Then, starting May 21st we are excited to host a NEW weekly bike ride, Ride River Saint Joe on Tuesday evenings. Click here to learn more!


Bike Buchanan is a gathering of cyclists with multiple ride groups offering all levels of experience, speed, distance, and terrain types - pavement or gravel. After our ride, enjoy the company, $1 off beer/beverage, tasty food, and the scenery at the gorgeous River St. Joe Brewery.

Follow @BikeBuchanan on FB, Instagram & Strava for details on inclement weather and ride notices.


What to expect when joining a Bike Buchanan group ride:

- The Bike Buchanan Participant Waiver is to be signed prior to joining for a ride!

- Participants will follow instructions given by the organizers before and during group rides.

- Participants will ride no more than two abreast per Michigan law (MCL 257.660b)

- Participants will, to the best of their ability, alert other riders of obstructions and pot holes in the road, as well as directional changes in the route using appropriate hand motions and audible signals.

- Participants will, to the best of their ability, alert other riders of traffic from ahead of and behind the group. Respect each other, and who we share the roads with. Follow all traffic laws.

- A ride lead occupies each group, they will guide you on our routes, set the pace, instill bike / road etiquette, and provide assistance incase of an issue that may arise on the ride. Please abide by their direction.

- Helmets are mandatory. Wearing bright colors, water/snacks to keep you comfortable on the ride, and front/rear bike lights are strongly encouraged.

- Bike Buchanan supports all bike experience levels, and bike types! We offer around ~8 different groups that vary in pace, distance, and terrain. There is a group for everyone no matter your experience level!

- We understand that our ride generally brings many people together, we also understand that a large group of riders could be intimidating for someone who is just starting out. We can’t stress enough that you will be welcomed and guided to a group based on your personal bike experience(s).


Current Speed Groups (custom to change once we get in the swing of things):

All routes are on pavement roads, unless stated ‘GRAVEL’

🚲 1. 'Smiles for Miles' ~ 11 miles. Group set, easy going pace. No drop.

🚲 2. ‘Smiles for MORE Miles'. ~ 14 miles. 13 mph average pace/ will adjust as needed. No drop.

🚲 3. ‘GRAVEL Smiles for Miles'. ~ 14 miles. ~13 mph avg. pace/ will adjust as needed. No drop. Route contains gravel/ dirt roads.

🚲 4. 'GRAVEL Grit'. ~15 miles. 15/16 mph avg. pace. No drop. Route contains gravel/ dirt roads.

🚲 5. 'Pavement Grit 15'. ~18 miles. 15/16 mph avg. pace. No drop.

🚲 6. 'Pavement Grit 18’. ~18 miles. 18/19 mph avg. pace. No drop.

🚲 7. ‘Pavement Deluxe’. ~18 miles. ~22 mpg avg. pace. Competitive/Drop.

🚲 8. 'GRAVEL Groady'. ~20 miles ~22 mph avg. pace. Competitive/Drop. Route contains gravel/ dirt roads.

Hope to ride with you soon!

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Admission: Free

Contact: Kat Amundson | (269) 409 8015 |

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