Steve Leaf Music at Peat's Cider Social

Event by Peat's Cider Social

Sat. July 03, 2021 | 7:00pm - 9:00pm

6201 Red Arrow Highway
Stevensville, MI 49127

Join us for our first live show of 2021! Steve Leaf Music will be here to ring in the 4th of July weekend with a special performance from 7-9PM on the Peat's Cider Social Patio. From Spotify: There is a quiet confidence to the music of Steve Leaf. He has been writing songs for fifteen years now. Some songs about love, some songs about love lost, and others about everything else to cover all the bases. Steve hails from Michigan and cut his teeth in the singer/songwriter scene of Chicago which is to say he usually tries to sneak a Wilco cover into his set. Sometimes it pans out, other times, not a chance. He released his first record 'We Are Ghosts' in 2010 and has subsequently released several other albums since then including 'Lightspeed' in 2015 and 'Go to the Pines' in 2017. Steve finds inspiration in the songwriting of Josh Ritter, Damien Rice, and the less lyrically driven music of Ratatat and Nils Frahm. In 2015, his fascination with instrumental music led to his creation of the guitar driven band 'Public Access', a ten piece leviathan rock band, a stark contrast to the reserved solo music Leaf creates. During a Leaf set, you can expect focused lyrics and tight guitar melodies over swirling ambient guitar loops.

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