2022 Berrien County Community Recycling Event - Southeast Berrien County Landfill Recycle Center (Fall)

Event by Berrien County Recycling

Sat. October 08, 2022 | 8:00am - 12:00pm

For Berrien County residents only. Waste from businesses is NOT accepted. 

Events are coordinated by the Berrien County Parks Department.

Phone Extention: 8232 or 8133

Donations are accepted to help pay for collection event costs.

4 ACCEPTED ITEMS - do not bring other items:
- Household Chemicals
- Electronics: some fees apply, payment due at the event
- Foam/Polystyrene
- Personal Documents for On-Site Shredding

Household Chemicals
Home/garden/garage chemicals, used motor oil & filters, yard & garden chemicals, antifreeze, gasoline, stain, oil-based paint, varnish, household & automobile batteries, cleaners, paint thinner, unwanted pills and other medications, medical needles/sharps, mercury items, compact fluorescent light bulbs & tubes, photo chemicals, pool chemicals, small 1-lb propane cylinders, sterno canisters, adhesives, driveway sealer & more.

NOT ACCEPTED: gas grill size propane tanks, ammo, fireworks, and latex paint. See
recycling & disposal options on the website.

Electronic Waste
(fees apply on some items)
Unwanted household electronic equipment that has a cord or is battery operated such as
computer monitors ($10/monitor fee), printers, computers & accessories, phones, tablets,
televisions ($20/TV fee), power tools, routers, DVD/VCR players, small & large appliances, Freon containing items ($10/item fee), holiday light strings, cameras, printer/ink cartridges,
stereo equipment, vacuum cleaners, etc.

Recycled by Green Earth Electronics Recycling, 4200 Niles Rd., St. Joseph, (269) 326-1232, website:

Freon Items ($10/item fee) include refrigerators, mini-fridge, freezers, AC units, dehumidifiers, water coolers.

Ice chests, foam cups, clean foam “to-go” food containers, egg cartons, foam block packaging, pink & blue Styrofoam. Must be clean and dry.

NOT ACCEPTED: packing peanuts, soft foam

Personal Documents
On-Site Shredding
Paper documents only, including office paper, brochures, blueprints, mail, folders, checkbooks, etc. No need to remove staples or paper clips. Documents will be removed from your vehicle and dumped into a collection bin. When bin is full, contents will be put into the shred truck and shred on-site.

NOT ACCEPTED: CDs, disks, x-rays, driver’s license, binder clips, 3-ring binders, cardboard, books, plastic, metal, other non-paper items.

Admission: Some fees may apply

Contact: Berrien County Parks Dept. & Recycling Team | (269) 983 7111 |

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