DoTerra Roller Bottle Workshop

Published by Re-Imagine

Thursday 21st of June 2018

Re-Imagine - 416 State St - Two doors left of The Buck Burgers

Want to create your own DoTerra essential oil blends as a portable roller bottle for what your needs are? If yes, then don't miss this workshop hosted by Kathy Myers who will walk you through a variety of blend options using DoTerra oils to create your very own roller balls to take home with you. If you haven't heard of DoTerra, they are the leader in quality essential oils & are a top seller and the blended options are endless...from Muscle aches, to calming blends, to repelling bugs, to allergies, the list is endless!

Class is limited to 16 people at one time...must RSVP if you want a guaranteed spot, otherwise, walk-in's welcome to slide in as chairs open up during the 6 to 9pm time frame.

Cost is $20 per person ($22 if paying via credit card) and that gets you 2 roller balls with basic blend choices (which can be upgraded based on oils you choose such as Frankincense, etc.) and includes light snacks & adult beverages. You can also purchase additional oils, roller balls, or DoTerra products direct from Kathy if you are interested in more items.

Class at Re*Imagine located at 416 State St, two doors LEFT of THE BUCK in downtown St Joe. RSVP to or call 269-849-9121

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