Published by Box Factory for the Arts

Wednesday 1st of August 2018

The Box Factory for the Arts

Class: Salad & Flatbread Culinary Class

Instructor: Susan Salas Graham

Date and time: Wednesday, August 1, 6-8PM.

Required: All items are supplied for this class.

Class size & age: Minimum 7 students/Maximum 10 students; ages 17 and up.

Class fee: $35/student.

Description: Using powergreens, powergrains and superfoods instructor, Susan Graham will teach students how to make nutritious and delicious food perfect for Summer. This hand’s-on-class provides participants with various salad & flatbread recipes and encourages students to participate in all demonstrations and food preparation. Learn how to make salads your friends and family will love, as well as how to make amazing flatbreads, all from scratch! Students will savor enjoying the salad and bread together at the end of the class and leave with the skills and knowledge needed to step up your own healthy eating game.