About St. Joseph Today

St. Joseph Today is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization founded in 1979. Our mission is to enhance the image and recognition of St. Joseph, Michigan and its surrounding communities, promote business and tourism development and to augment the effort of local governmental units. We are dedicated to serving visitors, residents and local businesses.

The St. Joseph Today Team

Executive Director - Amy Zapal, amy@stjoetoday.com
Events Manager - Brian Smith, brian@stjoetoday.com
Business & Marketing Manager - Daniele Crevier, daniele@stjoetoday.com
Front Desk & Digital Marketing Coordinator - Emily Schrock, emily@stjoetoday.com
Weekend Support - Karen Prussing, karen@stjoetoday.com


St. Joseph Today Board of Directors

  • Nicole Heugel, Chair (2020) Shadowland/Silver Beach Center
  • Nancy McDonnall, Vice Chair (2021) Wolf's Marine
  • Rick Dyer, Treasurer (2020) Edgewater Bank
  • Pat Moody, Secretary (2019) Mid-West Family Broadcasting
  • Deb Sailor (2020) Dale King Enterprises
  • Chris Heugel (ex-officio) Cornerstone Chamber of Commerce
  • Millicent Huminsky (ex-officio) Southwestern Michigan Tourist Council
  • Dave Miller (2021) White Pine Winery
  • Al Mussman (2022) Biggby Coffee
  • Kevin Hanley (2024) Vail Rubber Works
  • Simon Rusk (2022) The Livery Microbrewery
  • Ryan Ogle (2024) KitchenAid SrPGA
  • Dave Morin (2025) Sister Lakes Brewing
  • Lars Petzke (2023) ReMax By The Lake
  • David Costas (2023) Silver Beach Pizza
  • Cindy King (2024) Hilton Garden Inn
  • Mike Garey (ex-officio) St. Joseph City Commission
  • John Hodgson (ex-officio) City of St. Joseph